Geographe Bay FC

Geographe Bay Junior Football Club was founded in 2009 and started with 4 children who formed a team and joined the local LNJSA competition. Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength as it builds toward a positive future.

Children development and enjoyment of the game for our young seasiders is at the heart of everything that we do. Geographe Bay Junior Football Club are looking to build a club that is responsible for coaching and developing top class players within the region but also offers a family fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Football is an all-inclusive sport and we create a fun environment that every child can enjoy with their mates while getting the best out of what the sport has to offer. Geographe Bay Junior Football Club currently calls Bovell Playing Fields Home and boasts one of the premier pitches in the South West. Playing in bright orange, Geographe Bay FC players are hard to miss.

Geographe Bay Junior Football Club have a strong committee who are dedicated to each child’s development and inclusion of the sport. Come down to Bovell and experience the fun, family atmosphere that Geographe has to offer.