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Country Week Fixtures & Sponsors

The 2017 Country Week fixtures are now online at the link below.

The LNJSA would like to thank our following sponsors who have provided support for our Country Week 2017 squad. Without sponsor support the competition wouldn’t be such a success and an enjoyable experience for the players!

    • Evolution Sports for ongoing sponsorship of player strips
    • Nannup Pharmacy and Busselton Friendlies Chemist for medical goods
    • Busselton Vet for the kids’ drink bottles
    • Bunnings Busselton
    • Coles and Woolworths Busselton
    • We congratulate all players who have been selected to represent the LNJSA at country week and encourage all who can to stop by and cheer on our teams!

Click Link: Country Week Fixtures


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LNJSA Fairest & Best Winners 2017

The F&B winners were: 

7/8 Champ

Winner - Joshua Bowen (Cornerstone)
Runner Up - Harry Cross (BSN)

7/8 Prem

Winner - Zachary Cream (Capel)
Tied Runners Up - Darren Tate-Hillston (Capel), Jasper Reynolds (DJSC), Jack Sweatman (GBFC)


Winner - Zachary Lewis (BSN)
Tied Runners Up - Jeremy Heyes (FMR), Cormac Craig (Vasse)


Joint Winners - Jodi Barnett (FMR), Serena Martin (BSN)
Joint Runners Up - Asha McClurg (MUSC), Katie McDermott (Australind)


Winner - Sam Fokkema (MUSC)
Runner Up - Alex Bethany (DJSC)

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LNJSA Cup Results 2017

7/8 prem

Capel Wolves 4 v FMR Rovers 2

7/8 Champ

Cor Hurricanes 0 v BSN Strikers 1


BSN Tigers 2 v DJSC Hustlers 2
Penalty shootout: BSN 3 v DJSC 2


BSN Cobras 1 v Australind 1
Penalty shootout: BSN 3 v Australind 3


FMR Raiders 1 v MUSC Magik 0

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LNJSA League Winners 2017

7/8 Champ

Winners - BSN United
Runners Up - BSN Strikers

7/8 Prem

Winners - GBFC Seasiders
Runners Up - Capel Wolves


Winners - BSN Tigers
Runners Up - Vasse Eagles


Winners - BSN Cobras
Runners Up - Australind


Winners - FMR Raiders
Runners Up - MUSC Magik

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Raiders Reign Supreme in 2017

YLB: FMR Raiders 1 v MUSC Magik 0

The final match of the 2017 Cup Series saw FMR Raiders go head to head with MUSC Magik in the YLB division.

Two fantastically matched teams fought out the 80 minutes with all the skill and talent we've come to expect from our YLB players.

But there can be only one winner and this year the Cup went to FMR Raiders, defeating MUSC 1-0.

Congratulations to Tyler Atkinson who was awarded Player of the Match ?

Thank you the Referee Jason Hopkins from Referees SW and to Assistants Paul Coshott and Colin Miller.

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Australind Victorious In Momentous Clash

YLG: BSN Cobras 1 v Australind 1
Penalty shootout BSN 1 v Australind 3

Well if one draw of the weekend wasn't enough, the YLG followed suit and also ended full time with a 1-1 score, pushing the game into overtime and again into a penalty shoot-out.

Australind came out on top with 3 shots to BSN Cobra's 1, winning them the 2017 YLG Cup.

Courtnee Lamp won Player of the Match and earned herself the prize ball. Congratulations Courtnee! ?

Thank you to Referee Gavin Riches and Assistants Josh Riches and Miles-Palmer Williams.

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Tigers Win In Shootout!

9/10: BSN Tigers 2 v DJSC Hustlers 2
Penalty shootout BSN 3 v DJSC 2

The Yr 9/10s match between BSN Tigers and DJSC Hustlers went down to the wire. Full time saw both teams having scored 2 goals and therefore pushed the game into overtime. With no further goals scored it all came down to a penalty shoot out and had everyone on the edge of their seats!

With 3 successful shots to 2, ultimately BSN took the Cup in what was a very exciting and well fought match.

Cody Van Meekeren won Player of the Match. Congratulations Cody ?

Thank you to Referee Gary Leigh and Assistants Brett Moon and Jon Richards.

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Capel Win Tough Game

7/8 Prem: Capel Wolves 4 v FMR Rovers 2

Spring turned on the sunshine for a glorious start to the Cup Finals.

9.00am start for the Yr 7/8s Premiership Division match between Capel Wolves and FMR Rovers.

Both teams fought a tough game, but Capel took out the trophy with a 4-2 win over FMR.

Player of the Match went to Jaspa Cargill-Fletcher from FMR. Well done Jaspa

Thank you to Referee Colin Miller and Assistants James Thomas and Josh Riches.

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Strikers Take The Title

7/8 Champ: Cor Hurricanes 0 v BSN Strikers 1

Played at 9am was the Yr 7/8s Championship match between Cornerstone Hurricanes and BSN Strikers.

Another very competitive match and BSN scored the only goal, beating Cornerstone 1-0.

Alesia Riches took out the Player of the Match in this game. Well done Alesia and fantastic to see 2 girls take the trophies in this age group.

Thank you to Referee Andy Bee and Assistants Jayden Mangion and Miles Palmer-Williams.

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LNJSA 2017 Cup Grand Finals

Congratulations again to all the teams that made to the Grand Final.  Still some very tight battles going on for the League titles, so good luck to all teams in the remaining Home and Away rounds as well!

This year’s Grand Finals will be held at Churchill Park, Busselton.

The Grand Final day fixtures will be as below.  The association will be appointing neutral referees and referee assistants (linesmen) for all Grand Final matches.

Year 7/8’s Championship

COR Hurricanes vs BSN Strikers

9:00 – Senior’s Pitch 2

Year 7/8’s Premiership

CAPEL Wolves vs FMR Rovers

9:00 – Senior’s Pitch 1

Year 9/10’s

BSN Tigers vs DUNS Hustlers

10:30 - Senior’s Pitch 2

Youth League Girls

BSN Cobras vs Australind

10:30 - Senior’s Pitch 1

Youth League Boys

FMR Raiders vs MUSC Magik

12:00 - Senior’s Pitch 1

Presentations will happen immediately after the YLB match at around 1.45pm.  Further information regards canteen and/or little kids entertainment will be forthcoming from the host clubs in due course.

Good luck and here’s hoping the weather is awesome!

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LNJSA Knockout Cup Semi-Final Results

Please find below the results from Saturday’s Knockout Cup SF round.  Congratulations to all those teams (in red) who will contest the Grand Finals on Sept 16th. The Grand Final fixtures will be distributed later this week.  Please note that the Grand Final day will be held in Busselton this year as per normal rotation. 

Year 7/8 Champ Division

Busselton Strikers3 – 0 MUSC Falcons

Busselton United 2 – 3 Cornerstone Hurricanes

Year 7/8 Premiership Division

GBFC 0 – 0 Capel Wolves(Capel won 5-4 after penalties)

Duns Glory 1 - 6 FMR Rovers

Year 9/10 Division

Cornerstone Warriors 3 – 7 Busselton Tigers

Duns Hustlers2 - 0 FMR Dugites

Youth League Girls Division

SF Group Round Robin

Dunsborough 0 – 8 Busselton Cobras

Busselton Cobras v Dynamos (Dynamos forfeit)

Dynamos 0 – 0 Dunsborough

Busselton Cobraswin group

SF 2

Australind 5 – 0 Margaret River

Youth League Boys Division

SF Group Round Robin

FMR Raiders 2-0 FMR Waves

FMR Waves 3-1 Dunsborough Terminators

FMR Raiders 3-0 Dunsborough Terminators

FMR Raiderswin group

SF 2

Busselton Red backs 1 – 2 MUSC Magik

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FA Respect Campaign

Someone recently forwarded me this link to a Youtube clip about the FA respect campaign, as stated “To dramatise the damage done by over-zealous, aggressive parents at kids soccer matches Contentment Worldwide created this spot. Written specifically for Ray Winstone we don't think there's another actor on earth that could have nailed it.” It’s from 2009 and you may have already seen it, but even if you have it’s good to be reminded.

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2017 Knockout Cup Semi-Final Fixtures

Please find below fixtures for the Knockout Cup Semi-Finals on 19th August.  As in year’s past, with a reduced number of overall games for the Semi-Final round, we have co-located games from the same division to give teams the opportunity to watch other semi-final matches from their divisions. This creates a bit of a carnival atmosphere which has proved popular with teams.

This year, all 7/8’s Champ, 7/8’s Prem and 9/10’s SF matches will be played at the Dunsborough Playing fields. All YLG and YLB matches will be played at Barnard Park.

Please note that clubs listed first are responsible for supplying the referee, match ball and team card for each match. As per normal league matches, both teams are to supply a linesman. Should any team have difficulty in providing a referee for their match, please liaise with the other team to see if they can help.

Year 7/8’s Championship
BSN United vs COR Hurricanes (Dunsborough - Pitch 2 - 9:00)
BSN Strikers vs MUSC Falcons (Dunsborough - Pitch 2 – 10:30)

Year 7/8’s Premiership
DUNS Glory vs FMR Rovers (Dunsborough - Pitch 1 - 9:00)
CAPEL Wolves vs GBFC Seasiders (Dunsborough - Pitch 1 – 10:30)

Year 9/10’s
COR Warriors vs BSN Tigers (Dunsborough - Pitch 1 - 12:00)
DUNS Hustlers vs FMR Dugites (Dunsborough - Pitch 1 – 1:30)

YL Girls
DUNS Diamonds vs BSN Cobras (Barnard Park - Pitch 2 - 9:00) * BSN Cobras to set up pitch
BSN Cobras vs Dynamos (Barnard Park - Pitch 2 - 10:00) Round Robin
Dynamos vs DUNS Diamonds (Barnard Park - Pitch 2 - 11:00) Round Robin
Australind vs FMR Hotshots (Barnard Park - Pitch 2 - 12:00) Round Robin * Pitch to be left setup for Country Week training

YL Boys
BSN Redbacks vs MUSC Magik (Barnard Park - Pitch 1 - 9:00) * BSN Redbacks to set up pitch
FMR Waves vs DUNS Terminators (Barnard Park - Pitch 1 - 10:30) Round Robin
FMR Raiders vs FMR Waves (Barnard Park - Pitch 1 - 11:30) Round Robin
DUNS Terminators vs FMR Raiders (Barnard Park - Pitch 1 - 12:30) Round Robin * Pitch to be left setup for Country Week training

Good luck to all teams playing for a spot in the Cup Finals on 16th September!


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2017 Cup Final Results And Next Games

This weekend teams in a number of FIFA leagues played their CUP Quarter Finals. Here are the results and the fixtures for the next Cup Rounds. 


Yr 7/8's Championship KNOCK-OUT CUP

 Quarter Finals  Semi Finals  Cup Final
 29th July  19th Aug  16th Sept
1st Team Drawn BSN United (11)        
QF 1 vs Winner QF 1      
2nd Team Drawn DUNS Fireballs (0)   BSN United    
3rd Team Drawn COR Hurricanes (5) Winner QF 2 COR Hurricanes Winner SF 1 
QF 2 vs        
4thTeam Drawn FMR Strikers (0)      vs
5th Team Drawn BSN Strikers (6)        
QF 3 vs Winner QF 3 BSN Strikers Winner SF 2 
6th Team Drawn MUSC Falcons (2)   vs    
    SF 2 MUSC Falcons    
  Best qualifier from QFs   (Best Qualifier)    



Yr 7/8's Premiership KNOCK-OUT CUP FIXTURES

 Quarter Finals  Semi Finals Cup Final
 29th July  19th Aug 16th Sept
1st Team Drawn CAPEL Wolves (1)      
QF 1 vs Winner QF 1    
2nd Team Drawn DUNS Hotspurs (0)   CAPEL Wolves  
3rd Team Drawn GBFC Seasiders (7) Winner QF 2 GBFC Seasiders  
QF 2 vs      
4thTeam Drawn MUSC Scorchers (0)     vs
5th Team Drawn DUNS Glory (2)   DUNS Glory  
QF 3 vs Winner QF 3    
6th Team Drawn FMR Spitfires (1)   vs  
      FMR Rovers  
7th Team Drawn FMR Rovers      




Elimination Final Quarter Finals Semi Finals Cup Final
(t.b.c.)  29th July 19th Aug 16th Sept
GBFC Seasiders (1) Winner EF FMR Mambos (1)    
vs QF 1 vs    
FMR Mambos (3) 3rd Team Drawn COR Warriors (1) COR Warriors  
    (won on penalties)    
    Barnard Park  2 - 9:00 vs  
  4th Team Drawn VASSE Eagles (1) BSN Tigers  
  QF 2 vs    
  5th Team Drawn BSN Tigers (11)   vs
    Barnard Park  2 - 1:00    
  6th Team Drawn BSN Falcons (1)    
  QF 3 vs DUNS Hustlers  
  7th Team Drawn DUNS Hustlers (3)    
    Barnard Park  2 - 10:30    
  8th Team Drawn MUSC Roar (1) FMR Dugites  
  QF 4 vs    
  9th Team Drawn FMR Dugites (2)    
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Clash Of LNJSA Titans

A night game under floodlights, it doesn’t get much better than that. With probably the biggest crowd of the LNJSA season in to watch a clash against last year’s league winners and a skilful and technical LNJSA Development Squad, the large crowd wasn’t disappointed. Having seen the Dev team play against Capel last Friday GBFC had to be on their game from the start and they all looked sharp and focused during warm up.

The game got off to a frantic pace with both teams creating nice passages of football and chances in front of goal, with the development team unlucky not to take the lead. GBFC looked strong in defence and powerful in midfield with Justin covering just about every blade of grass on the pitch, exactly what I asked him to do. The first goal came through the speed of Evan who followed it up with a clinical finish. Matt also showed his speed for the second goal and his pinpoint cross was finished off with a cute close-range volley from Ryan.

Half time 2-0 but the development squad would not let this stop them playing good football and they started the second half the stronger of the two teams. It wasn’t long before their hard work paid off and scored a great header from a corner. This set up the game perfectly for either team to take the points.

The game continued on edge however the power and speed of GBFC tipped the balance in their favour when Evan headed his second from a corner and Jack scoring from long range. Final result a thrilling 4-1 win to GBFC, with LNJSA thoroughly deserving of another goal or two.

The main aim of the development squad is not result based rather to give identified players in the region additional challenges and game knowledge. A special mention goes to several of these players. Culzean and Noah in midfield who looked skilful and dangerous every time they had the ball, Jabba was dominant at the back as well as strong performances from Angus H, Joel, Seb and Alesia.

Final Notes. Aiden with the gloves on for the whole match adding that extra security for the defenders. A few weeks ago George asked for advice when being the captain. Lead the team, be loud and commanding, he did exactly that tonight, worthy player for the ‘elusive’ trophy, nearly scored passed Aiden at the end too…George’ s reply “that could have ended my career “.

Development Squad 14 for this game were:
Dunsbrough : Stephen Ryall, Jasper Reynolds, Angus Hutchinson, Joel James , Culzean Spence,Angus Melsom, Tex Baxter
Cornerstone : Alesia Riches, Seb McGuiness
GMAS : Dexter Guppy, Lucas Harper
McKillop : Nicholas Hay
Margaret River : Noah Goodwi

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