Youth League Girls

Vasse Ravens Start With Impressive Victory

Dunsborough Diamonds 0 v Vasse Ravens 6

Vasse Ravens travelled to Dunsborough for their first game of the season & thankfully the sun graced us with it presences for the first time this week to have an entertaining 6 nil win.

The first half saw Vasse win kick off and within seconds were in the goal box of the Dunsborough defence, I don't think Dunsborough realised what they were up against with the pace of Siobhan & Ariana Longmore, as they flew down the wings sending numerous balls across the face of goal only to be scrambled up by the Dunsborough keeper. With this fast pace it took all of 5 minutes for Elisha Saltarini to find some space just inside the 18 yards box and with a fine strike beat the keeper.

Intercepted at the centre pass Vasse stole possession again this time with a few one two passes in the centre of the park from Samantha Baillie & Somer Palandri who fed Siobhan once more who found herself one on one with the keeper & with a brilliant strike sent the ball past the keeper to put Vasse 2 nil up.

Credit given to Dunsborough as they tried to string some play together & move forward but it didn't take long before the hunger of the Vasse girls hit again with some great defensive tackles from Dominique Boshoff & Emily Parkhurst which in turn saw Siobhan with ball again at her feet and with shot from long range it powered over the keepers head into the net.

A well earned break at half time coach Therese Fletcher asked her Vasse Ravens girls to be more composed on the ball and look for the passes instead of just a kick & hope attitude & Captain Ariana Longmore asked her team mates to be first to the ball as this was when Dunsborough were at their most dangerous.

The girls listened and showed a brilliant second half of football which they should all be very proud of & along with some positional changes helped this. Brooke Fields stepped into goals to let Sarah Hollett out & pleasingly she found the net combining well with Elisha. Ashleigh Fletcher found herself on the wing and created some great chances for herself & Somer in front of goal, they were both unlucky today not come away with a goal for all their hard work.

Ariana was moved to sweeper and showed her team how to be composed on the ball and was a fantastic role model for her defensive team mates around her, releasing Harriet Hole & Dominique Boshoff to move the ball between the Dunsborough forwards, finding another strong run from Siobhan who scored again ,minutes later Dunsborough scored an own goal from a header after more pressure from Vasse giving them their first win of the season with a solid 6-0 win .

Both coach & supporters were full of praise for their team and standouts for today's game were Ariana, Dominique & Siobhan.