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LNJSA will be holding its AGM on Monday, 19th November 2018 at 6:30pm at Stilts Function Room, 11 Holgate Road Busselton.

All Welcome and all offices shall be declared vacant at the commencement of AGM. 

Expressions of interest in office positions can be sent to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leeuwin Naturaliste Junior Soccer Association
Monday 19th November 2018 at 6.30pm
Stilts Restaurant, Broadwater

2018 Knock Out Cup Results & Finals Fixtures

The next round of the LNJSA Knockout Cup was played this weekend and the results were are as follows. Congratulations to all teams whop made it through to the next round. 

LNJSA Knock Out Cup SF Results

Teams in Red progress to LNJSA Knockout Cup Grand Finals.

Year 7/8 Champs:

  • Dun Fireballs 0 – 5 GMAS Lightning
  • FMR Gremlins 1 – 1 FMR Jets (Jets win on penalties)

Year 7/8 Prem:

  • DUN Glory 4 – 0 MUSC Warriors

Round robin:

  • BSN Utd 4 – 0 FMR Spitfires
  • BSN Strikers 0 – 1 BSN Utd
  • FMR Spitfires 1 – 4 BSN Strikers
  • BSN United win Round Robin

Year 9/10

  • FMR Mambos 0 – 6 Vasse Eagles
  • FMR Rovers 1 – 3 GBFC Orange


  • FMR Waves 5 – 4 Vasse
  • FMR Raiders 0 – 3 BSN Redbacks

League Leaders Battle It Out

What an evenings football! Wednesday 15 August at Barnard Park saw the coming together of the league leaders in the 9/10’s competition.  It was always going to be a tough match.  The players did not disappoint. From the kick off the tough tackles, physical challenges and attempts at goal were there to delight and frustrate the teams.  The referee had his job cut out for him.  Although a physical game it was all played within the rules and with great sportsmanship from both teams. 

The first goal was a result of some quick passing and a sideways flick into the goal from the player Vasse affectionately calls “crumbs” Jo Chapple who earnt his own goal tonight following some quick thinking and opportunity from his team.

The equaliser from Geo began from a corner ball and a tussle in the box before the ball found its way into the net from the feet of Toby Neill. 

The first half was dominated by challenges from Evan Farmer making his way down the line and counter action from Myles Godden taking on players and manoeuvring his way past to play the ball on to teammates.  Fabulous play from both teams kept the spectators entertained and cheering.

Goalkeeping saves were high on the agenda with Ripley Criddle working extremely hard, growing in height and arm span at each corner ball attempt and Aiden Rice also making some great saves at the opposing end.

An unfortunate Vasse hand ball from a corner resulted in Geo’s penalty shot taken by Justin Hodder to put the league leaders in the lead.

The second half the intensity of the game did not diminish. Both teams fought hard, used every opportunity to try and score.  Lots of ooing and aahing from the sidelines at each try.

The passage of play continued back and forth with several attempts at goal from both teams.  It was a suspenseful 35 minutes of quality football.  The passing of the ball and utilising almost every player on the field by both teams was terrific to watch and what we want our kids to play like each week.

Neither team managed to find the back of the net in the second half mostly due to the incredible saves by the goalies and hard work of the defence for both teams.  A very equally matched game and one we can all look forward to hopefully seeing again in the Cup Final.  Congratulations to all players and Coaches well done!  Thanks for the entertainment and great sportsmanship.