Year 6 MiniRoos

Rovers Show Commitment

Busselton MUSC Rockets v Football Margaret River Rovers

FMR Rovers are working hard this season to learn the finer points of the game of football and this Saturday that hard work paid off with an excellent display of teamwork against Busselton’s MUSC Rockets.

In the early minutes of the game the Rovers kept up steady pressure, Bailey working hard to keep the ball forward and Ben Cox and Chips Best combining to keep the Rockets excellent goalie occupied with shots on target coming thick and fast. Rockets were certainly trying their best but Rovers ability to hold their positions and keep possession meant they were able to dominate the first half with birthday boy Ben Cox scoring a hadfull of goals.

In midfield Monique Armstrong and Scooter Liew worked really well together for the Rovers and Archie Dowden impressed again with his consistent defending. Player of the day Maya Blackburn played her best football of the season showing her growing confidence and skills.

Second half Rovers goals were great shots from Finley Angove and Ollie Finch Clarke both showing solid commitment to the Rovers and great focus on the game.