Year 5 MiniRoos

Slayers rue missed opportunities

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Dunsborough Slayers V Busselton Dingos

It was good to be back home after a few away games. The girls were eager for this game and took some time prior to kick-off to go over strategies for the centre kick-off. The first half proved to be akin to a tennis match for the spectators as both teams pressed forward and got into extremely good scoring positions. The Dingos were denied by the relentless chasing and hard defending of Phoebe and Ella. If you want to see never-say-die on the pitch watch these two.

Mia, in goal, was fantastic. She demonstrated a fearless approach and was very positive in coming at the ball. She also moved the ball on quickly. One particular shot was hit very hard … not sure if Mia meant to save it BUT she put herself in the way and as the ball ricocheted away there she was with a big smile on her face!!

Indiah showed more positive play and great decision making in her passes. Her skills enable her to take a defender on or play the ball to a team-mate. Good signs as her game is developing well. Safyr continued to demonstrate very good skills on the ball and wonderful confidence. We’ll just work on that ‘killer instinct’ in front of goal and then there’ll be real trouble for opposition teams.

As balanced as the first half was the second half was quite a different story. Probably a combination of weariness (just one sub for the game) and losing focus on the game plan. We’ll keep working on the skills and ensuring not to ‘crowd’ our own team-mates.

The girls are recognising many things themselves and stating what they see going on (when a sub) and how it could be improved. The next step is refining the skills and understanding of the game to do what is needed.

We have quite a break now … looking forward to getting back into it for the 2nd half of the season.

For a great effort in goals Mia was our SLAYERS TIARA winner for the day!!

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