Year 5 MiniRoos

Muddy Margaret River Mambos too slippery for the Scorpions

FMR Mambos met the FMR Scorpions for the second time this season. On a wet and windy day both teams showed their developing footballing skills and teamwork as they battled the mud and the puddles as much as their opponents.

Mambos started as they meant to go on: their coach had asked them to look for passing opportunities and this was reflected in the co-operation between Nick and Felix to create 2 goals for Felix in the first few minutes.

Parkin and Daniel also worked together to fight their way through the Scorpions defence for a goal for Parkin. Reina showed great skill on the ball, confidence growing as he took on 2 Scorpions and was rewarded with a lovely goal.

Quick thinking from Chips saw a deflection off the Scorpions goalie sent straight to the back of the net.

Mambos dominated but the Scorpions made them work for it with some great defence from Jasmine and creative play in midfield from both Ben and Jaspa taking a goal each. Lilo and Keanu were kept busy in defence as the Scorpions took their chances where they could.

The Mambos are learning to communicate with their team-mates more, calling for the ball, taking a bit more time to look for a pass and the result is enjoyable football with everyone on the pitch involved in the game.

Daniel made a very welcome return to the Mambos and ran his socks off. His work ethic paid off with a goal and well deserved Man of the Match award.

Glad to have you back Daniel.