Year 5 MiniRoos

Mambos On Top

Margaret River Mambos V GMAS Vipers

The Margaret River 10’s “Mambos” came out on top after their first game of the season against the GMAS Vipers at home this weekend.

The Mambos started off pretty lean with 2 players down, however, such is the dedication to MR football in the 10‘s, Ben and Archie from the MR Rovers stepped up after having just played their own game making up the numbers.

After a quick warm up the first goal was booted in hard off Felix’s right foot finding its mark firmly in the goal. Once the ball was in play again the Mambos were holding their positions, feeding the ball back down the line and managed to pass the ball in to Ben running in for the intercept who kicked it square in the net.

The intensity did not taper off after half time with 4 more goals being scored in quick succession. A first goal for the season was had by Nick who dazzled the opposition with his running then managed to sneak a cheeky goal past them all. Felix made another mad dash at goal with his long legs and managed to score again.

Ben also took another goal belting the ball at close proximity after it came off Felix’s foot making exceptionally sure it went in. After starting the game in defence, Mikey showed his flexibility by then changing to the front line and shooting his first goal for the season smashing it straight through the oppositions legs.

Archie had a shear look of determination most of the second half as he ran like the clappers on more than one occasion intercepting the ball in mid field. Max made all the difference in mid field getting possession back from the Vipers by his constant attention to the ball. The defence line was held strong with the presence of Chips and Reina making an impenetrable barrier for the Vipers to pass through. Bravery and skill was shown by Reina as the goalie diving for the balls and managing to not connect with any body parts securing him player of the match.

Good clean football was had by both teams with Kelly making her brilliant debut as ref showing everyone how it is done. The addition of Kelly on the field bought the Fritsch family numbers up to 3 as Lilo now joined his brother Keanu in the Mambos team making a smashing start to his own football career.

At the end of play there was not one face that was not red and the Mambos had kicked 6 goals to the Vipers 0. For more exciting football be sure to be at the pitch this Saturday at 9am where the MR Mambos take on their brothers and sisters the MR Rovers.