Capel JSC

Capel Junior Soccer Club

capel wolvesCapel Junior Soccer Club was formed in 2003 by one of the clubs senior player Shea Parker. The club started out with an Under 13’s team and by 2008 the club had four teams registered with Leeuwin Naturaliste Junior Soccer Association and this was also the year of our first home games. The club has now progressed to having registered 75 players in the 2010 season.

Capel Junior Soccer Clubs philosophy is to “Encourage kids and their families to have fun, enjoy team spirit, and meet new friends all the while learning some soccer skills.”

This year we have registered our team name as Capel Wolves, following our Senior teams and we would like to wish all teams in the Leeuwin Naturaliste Junior Soccer Association, Good Luck and enjoy the 2017 season.

Go The Wolves!!!

Home Games at Capel Oval